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Overcome the Overwhelm

When was the last time you felt fully energetic, vibrant, rested, grounded?

That’s what we all want, right? And what we deserve to have.

It’s frustrating and disheartening when that magical feeling of wellness seems so out of reach and instead, day after day, year after year – you’re just stuck.

Exhausted from hopping on and off the diet bandwagon each time some tempting quick-fix option comes your way, with no sustainable result.

Distracted from the beauty of living fully because you’re too busy obsessing about your body and what foods the ‘diet industrial complex’ has labelled good or evil today.

Shattered that despite multiple doctor or specialist appointments you’re still not getting to the root cause of your digestive, hormonal, bone-weary tiredness concerns and worse, you don’t even feel listened to anymore.

Confused from scouring the internet or the bookstore to find answers only to be crushed under a barrage of contradictory and frankly dubious information.

Wary about trusting your time and your money and your health to yet another ‘expert’ even though you are desperate for a better life.

STOP.  Take a breath.

It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My name is Trish. I’m a habit-based transformational mentor and coach. I specialize in holistic nutrition, balanced hormones and insomnia relief for busy professionals and entrepreneurs in the prime of life.

And I am inviting you to do things differently from now on.

Because I do things differently.

I promise that you are not broken. You are not without hope for change no matter how many false starts you’ve had.

You absolutely can carve a new path to feeling fully energetic, vibrant, rested, grounded.

You can overcome the overwhelmAnd I can help.

I’ve coached and guided and educated and inspired hundreds of beautiful souls just like you. And I have shifted my own behaviours and beliefs which gave me back my vitality and made my life better.

I want that for you – because it’s magical. And you deserve it.

If you want to learn more about how I work and what it’s like to work with me, click here for the info you need.

Happy People

I’d been having digestive trouble and beginning to resent my body but I was being stubborn about getting help. “I’ll eat what I want, when I want!” A trusted friend introduced me to Trish whose assessment of my concerns and my mental blocks about change was spot on.

She listened, was thoughtful and patient with me – ensuring I was ready to take the next recommended step on my journey to health before we proceeded. Her knowledge is extraordinary. She has answers for every question, great product recommendations and recipes for every need!

Today, I feel healthy, strong and in balance with my body. My time with Trish was worth every penny!

Chris D. 
Chris D.

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