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“The greatest wealth is health.”

Over 2,000 years ago, the poet Virgil coined this phrase when asked to define the core of human well-being.

Now more than ever, it’s evident that without optimal health – physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental – we are faced with pain, problems and complications that can overwhelm and leave us reeling.

When that happens, it’s hard to know where to reach out for help. Especially if you’ve been searching and seeking in vain for years. Perhaps you’ve been hopping on and off the diet bandwagon each time a new option comes your way. Or you’ve seen umpteen different health or medical practitioners and still have questions and concerns because you don’t feel any better. Or you’ve bounced around from this bootcamp to that fitness program to this personal trainer with little result. Maybe you are simply confused by all the ‘advice’ and information that is being thrown at you through myriad media and marketing efforts and now don’t know what or who to believe.


Take a breath. It’s no wonder you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time to tackle and transform your health, your resilience, your well-being, from the inside out. From a place of simplicity and practicality. Once and for all.

My name is Trish. I’m a certified health educator, author, nutritionist and transformation mentor. And I am here to give you the tools, the framework and the support you need to take the first step – and the last step – to better health and nutrition, no matter what’s concerning you or how many times you’ve started and stopped caring for yourself.

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Why Work With Me?

Real change goes beyond gritting your teeth through another diet. Frankly anyone can hand you a new plan to follow. But to be truly successful, you need to start a few steps back and get the fundamentals right. And that’s where I come in. I’ve been there and 100% know that the stages of change don’t start on your plate – they start in your brain, your mindset, and in the foundation of knowledge and understanding you lay down about your body, your behaviours, your triggers and your personal barriers and biases before you even crack open a recipe booklet.

Here’s a snapshot of the process I teach and why it works to deliver sustainable life-long change.


You’ll get CLARITY – on your current health and nutrition status, the implications and complications which may arise, how small consistent changes can be seamlessly integrated into your busy life, and most importantly, a clear vision of the true and deepest reason to make changes now.

Together, we’ll develop your personal COMPASS – the plan, the strategy, the methodology to move forward, complete with all the tools and techniques you will need to shift what you eat, how you move, sleep, manage stress and help your body stay balanced so that it can heal and thrive.

As your knowledge grows, so will your CONFIDENCE in making the right choices for you and your lifestyle, now and forever. And you’ll learn exactly how to cope, what to do and how to bounce back when life throws you a curve ball to knock you off your game.


In the end, you will be firmly COMMITTED to a better, healthier way of eating and a lifestyle that contributes to promoting health through all ages and stages of your life.

Happy People

I’d been having digestive trouble and beginning to resent my body but I was being stubborn about getting help. “I’ll eat what I want, when I want!” A trusted friend introduced me to Trish whose assessment of my concerns and my mental blocks about change was spot on.

She listened, was thoughtful and patient with me – ensuring I was ready to take the next recommended step on my journey to health before we proceeded. Her knowledge is extraordinary. She has answers for every question, great product recommendations and recipes for every need!

Today, I feel healthy, strong and in balance with my body. My time with Trish was worth every penny!

Chris D. 
Chris D.

Curious? Questioning how to get back to feeling like your old self? Or your better self? This is YOUR time to take a leap to live fierce, feel free, and look fine.


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