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Hi there – I’m Trish. I’m a habit-based transformational mentor and coach, specializing in holistic nutrition, balanced hormones and insomnia relief for busy professionals in the prime of life. 

I’m also a later-in-life runner, yogi and meditator, an author, a wildly experimental cook, a carpool karaoke enthusiast, a Greyhound guardian, a French fry addict, a rehabilitated perfectionist, a runaway executive and yep… proudly, a ‘woman of a certain age’ (shout out to all my Boomers and late Gen X-ers… we’re awesome and only getting better!)

But what you really need to understand is that all labels and descriptors aside, I’m here to help you make that change in your health and nutrition that you are so desperately seeking.…..if you choose to bravely step forward and do it.

Why should you trust that I am THE ONE?

There are a zillion nutrition ‘experts’, wellness ‘professionals’, and ‘gurus’ of all descriptions out there.

Not all are authentically credentialed or evidence-informed.

Not all have real-world lived experience so dispense platitudes in place of practical solutions.

Not all are willing to be honest about the true journey of transformation which will never stick if you only focus on what’s on your plate or on how many times you hit the gym.

And not all will resonate with your values and align with the for-real way you live your life (not the way you fantasize about living your life!)

Sound familiar? Yeah – we’ve all gone down the wrong path once or a dozen times.

But here’s why I might be right for you:

I’ve been there – just where you are today. Trying to figure out why I felt crappy and tired and like daily life was more trial not a triumph. Why I couldn’t sleep. Or poop properly. Why I wasn’t able to get over my obsession with dieting. Why I couldn’t make changes stick.

Why, as a savvy and successful professional in all other aspects of my life, I just couldn’t do better in this part. The part where I actually took care of myself.

Frustrated. Demoralized. Unhealthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yes, to all of the above.

I played the game of wellness roulette and habit hopscotch for decades (no need for me to detail the long and winding road of my yo-yo health spirals – but if you are ever interested in the down and dirty, just ask).

The good news is that I learned, I built new positive pathways and established new effective behaviours. And now you don’t have to waste more time engaging in those same destructive and exasperating games.

Because I will share everything I learned and support you on your journey to feeling better, looking better and living better today and in the future.

Why else might I be a fit for you? 

Well, I’m a Boomer (hello, prime of life and all its challenge and change!) so this ain’t my first rodeo. I have a lot of living behind me so nothing you say, do, admit or reveal is going to shock or surprise me.

I have a well-developed sense of analytical thinking and skepticism thanks to my roots in journalism. I ask a lot of questions and insist on evidence to inform decisions for my life and for my client work.

With more than two decades in senior corporate leadership, I totally get being burned out, stretched thin, overwhelmed, and unable to envision how to put on one’s own oxygen mask first.

My clients tell me I’m part cheerleader, part accountability conscience, part food magician, part guide to the Universe, part inspirational sparkplug, part no-BS bestie.

I believe in no judgement – ever. Just information gathering, effective listening, compassionate coaching and the occasional tough-love conversation to put an end to the nonsense your Inner Critic is nattering about that interferes with your efforts to do better.

I value honesty, courage, appreciation and trust. And I believe that resilience and kindness are superpowers that we can develop as part of the journey of life. Oh, and that the most perfect part of ourselves is the imperfect.

So that’s me. I’m not for everyone. But if you’ve come this far – maybe I’m for you?

Are you ready to get started?

Together, let’s do better. For you and for your future.

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