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Hi there – I’m Trish. I’m a certified health educator, author, holistic nutritionist and transformation mentor.

I’m also a later-in-life runner, yogi and meditator, a Desire Mapper, a wildly experimental cook, an accountability coach, a carpool karaoke enthusiast, a greyhound guardian, a French fry addict, a rehabilitated perfectionist, a runaway executive and yep… a ‘woman of a certain age.’

But what you really need to understand is that all labels and descriptors aside, I’m here to help you make that change in your health and nutrition that you are so desperately seeking.…..if you choose to bravely step forward and do it.

Why should you trust that I am THE ONE?

There are lots of health coaches and nutrition gurus out there, with plenty of ideas. Some of them are even good ideas ☺. But there are also myriad approaches and philosophies and a wide range of qualifications and proficiencies.

Here are mine: Expertise. Evidence-Informed. Lived Experience. Empathy.


Before my passion with holistic wellness began, I was a journalist – so I’m known to be curious, nosey, skeptical, not afraid to question and probe the status quo, and most of all, tenacious when digging for answers.

I also had a corporate career as a senior communications executive, working mostly with healthcare, pharma and packaged food companies. You can bet that was valuable experience in understanding exactly how marketers leverage influencer opinion and other PR tactics, and create those alluring messages that stimulate all manner of consumer perceptions and emotions: fear, desire, excitement, craving, yearning, aspiration, guilt…..so you will unquestionably buy, and buy into, their products, services, ideas and opinions. I spend a lot of time helping clients navigate marketing jargon and strategies now so they don’t get fooled.

While I was highly successful and moderately happy in both those careers, eventually I chose a new path of restoration and healing for myself and to share with others. Nine years ago, I exited my corporate life and enrolled in nutrition school.

I proudly graduated with first class honours and became certified in my new holistic profession. Since then, I’ve served and supported hundreds of clients, mostly overwhelmed and exhausted professionals aged 40+, on their journey from burn-out to breakthrough when it comes to well-being and nutrition optimization.

All along the way I’ve continued to build my expertise through advanced training and education in blood sugar management and metabolic disorders, brain health, cancer recovery, inflammatory diseases, hormonal conditions, stress and sleep dysfunction because these are the areas where my clients have needed the most help.

I’m well-rounded in experience and education, mature and effective in my coaching, but maybe more importantly, I’m grounded in evidence.


It may surprise you that a holistic practitioner would embrace science. We’re sometimes seen as airy-fairy and contemptuous of research and data. Not true. At least not for me. I absolutely believe that science and research can play a role in helping me to bring forward the very best recommendations I possibly can for my clients. But that’s only part of the story.

As an evidence-informed practitioner, I accept that western science and eastern traditions co-exist and that’s how I practice and can best bring value and change to my clients. Wisdom and insight can come from many sources. In fact, it’s good to remember that many of modern science’s key discoveries have had their start in the world of natural medicine. I evaluate and balance it all.

This means that in addition to weighing clinical studies and other empirical research where available, I also take into account data and information that is gathered through ongoing dialogue and observation with my clients and from testing by practitioners from other natural or conventional modalities where appropriate. This gives me a full and holistic representation of my client’s health status, lifestyle, diet, preferences, capacity for change, mindset and more, and allows me to develop the most effective and practical course of action. This integrated approach ensures I hone in on and tackle the root causes of a client’s concern versus simply alleviating symptoms which is often the endpoint for conventional therapies.

Lived Experience

I wish I could say I have always been health-conscious and well-educated about how to identify and align my needs and take care of my body. But I wasn’t – sadly – and I paid the price with a litany of stress, skin, sleep, digestive, emotional overwhelm, hormone and body image concerns that saw me hopping on and off the diet bandwagon for decades. With little to show for it but more stress, higher weight, worse sleep and plenty of guilt and shame that I just couldn’t find the path to getting it right. Until I got educated.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to play the game of wellness roulette because I’ve been there and back. You can be confident that any challenge you bring me, or come up against while we are working together, or that you have been too scared or self-conscious or embarrassed to admit or discuss with anyone is going to sound pretty familiar to me. Because chances are, I’ve either experienced it myself or I’ve witnessed and supported the journeys of hundreds of clients who struggled just like you.

You never need worry that your issues are unsolvable, regardless of how many times you may have tried before. If I can change, anyone can. With the right support.


The definition of empathy is essentially putting yourself in another’s shoes and knowing what it feels like to walk that long mile. I actually define it as walking alongside my client as they follow their own personal compass toward a healthier, more vibrant life.

I’m part cheerleader, part accountability coach, part food magician, part culinary mentor, part no-BS bestie. And all-in when it comes to providing clients with the right tools, the right information and the right reflection on their own lives and habits to succeed. I’m practical and plainspoken but I’m also passionately committed to helping you find your path to health.

So that’s me. I’m not for everyone. But if you’ve come this far – maybe I’m for you?

Are you ready to get started? Together, let’s rise.

Happy People

I had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago but I had fallen off my habits and regained a lot of weight. I needed someone to help me get back on track and do it in a healthy way.
Right at the beginning, Trish had me get clear on my “Why?” which I found helpful and motivating.  She was very encouraging and reiterated this on several occasions to help me keep going and stay focused on what was really important.
I learned a lot about my body and how it responds to food.  Trish always made time to answer my questions or encourage me.  I never felt like I didn’t have access to her expertise. She is very flexible and helps you figure out what works for you. 

The most important things I learned while working with her was that balance, sleep, energy, mindfulness and self-care are all components of good health and without those, you will never get to your goals.

Anne-Marie M. 
Anne-Marie M.

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