Trish Krause – Official Bio

Trish Krause, CNP, NNCP, RNT is the founder of Bite Out of Life Wellness and a trusted source for health and lifestyle information and programming.

As a health educator, certified & registered holistic nutritionist, author and transformation mentor, she helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs find their nutritional footing and positively shift the relationship they have with fuelling and caring for their body.

Using a combination of evidence-informed insights, holistic wisdom and straight-up practicality she enlightens and encourages her clients to make consistent and meaningful changes that fit comfortably into their full and hectic lives. This includes more wholesome ways to eat, cook, sleep, move, calm down, rebalance and feel energized.

Trish also has a special interest in workplace wellness. She has firsthand experience with burn-out and unhealthy work habits after many years in journalism and as a pushed-to-the-brink senior executive. Her group and individual services are tailored to foster work environments and preventative health initiatives that contribute to a well workforce for companies of any size, in any sector. The results for companies include fewer employee sick days and a more progressive and caring approach to employee well-being.

A born and raised Prairie girl, transplanted for decades to Canada’s largest urban metropolis, she now makes her home in the vibrant historic Limestone City – Kingston, Ontario. She has a thriving local practice and supports clients far and wide through online consultations and specialty programming.

She’s a recurring wellness writer for ReFined Kingston magazine and contributes regularly to many other national and local health and lifestyle publications and podcasts. Additionally, she’s written several e-books about wellness and lifestyle subjects including Facts About Fat: Why it’s so D#mn Hard to Lose. Trish is also a frequent speaker and facilitator at conferences, workshops, and events for corporate, community and institutional audiences.

To learn more or book Trish for an event or a program, reach out to