Workplace Wellness

With chronic disease rates rising by more than 14% year on year, absenteeism, burn-out and worker’s compensation claims are also increasing, by even more. Additionally, an unwell workforce is apathetic, unproductive, and unable to enjoy life in or out of the workplace.

Savvy and compassionate employers know that by helping their employees to manage or reduce their weight, their diabetes, their hypertension, their smoking habits, to name just a few of the most pressing health issues, through employee wellness supports and programming, they can create a more desirable place to work and a healthier, more loyal team.

In fact, a survey by the American Psychological Society showed that 91% of workers at companies that supported their well-being through programs and on-site services reported they felt more motivated to do their best every day.

The Better Body at Work Method (BBWM) is a customized workplace wellness program designed to address the issues of most concern to your specific workplace.

To educate and motive your team, The BBWM uses a combination of:

  • Practical health talks from a variety of wellness practitioners (nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, movement specialists, stress/meditation experts, health coaches, etc). These can be done live, in-person or as an on-line offering.
  • Personal and team challenges to reach specific goals
  • Access to on-line resource materials
  • Pre and post assessment research to measure progress
  • 1:1 consultations with individual staff (as needed)

This program can be customized for a workplace of 8 to 800 employees, in any industry or profession.

To explore the needs of your team and how The BBWM can deliver benefits like improved health outcomes and increased productivity for your company, book a discussion here.

We are a very busy executive couple, working long hours with lots of pressure. Trish presented several wellness seminars at our workplace for our whole team and from there – we knew we needed her help. Our goal was to feel better overall: have more energy, less stress, invest in our future health for ourselves and to keep up with our young children.  

At first, we were intimidated by the changes ahead, but after 30 days of eating much more thoughtfully and being supported along the way, we were hooked!  Trish is an excellent coach who encouraged and taught us to plan and achieve a realistic eating and living lifestyle that has become second nature.  

We highly recommend inviting Trish to your workplace and working individually with Trish especially if you are a busy, overwhelmed professional, juggling many responsibilities who feels you can’t make a change because you haven’t a clue where to start.  Because with Trish’s education and guidance you absolutely can!

Victoria & Scott A.  
Victoria & Scott A.