Anne-Marie M.
I had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago but I had fallen off my habits and regained a lot of weight. I needed someone to help me get back on track and do it in a healthy way.   Right at the beginning, Trish had me get clear on my “Why?” which I found helpful and motivating.  She was very encouraging and reiterated this on several occasions to help me keep going and stay focused on what was really important.   I learned a lot about my body and how it responds to food.  Trish always made time to answer my questions or encourage me.  I never felt like I didn’t have access to her expertise. She is very flexible and helps you figure out what works for you.  The most important things I learned while working with her was that balance, sleep, energy, mindfulness and self-care are all components of good health and without those, you will never get to your goals.