Marianne B.
Eating healthy sounds simple enough but if you aren’t skilled it can be quite overwhelming. This sense of overwhelm is magnified exponentially when you are a caregiver to someone who is sick and you feel a tremendous amount of pressure to be making the right nutritional choices. That’s why I immediately contacted Trish when a very important person in my life was diagnosed with a serious illness. Working with a dedicated and knowledgeable holistic nutritionist alleviated so much stress. We were making a drastic change - we had to! - but Trish’s approach broke it down into small steps. It was unbelievably helpful to sit down with her and map out a plan we could follow. We are so grateful for her calm, her ideas, her confidence that we could make the changes we needed to step by step. Our health crisis is now happily behind us. I know that our positive nutritional changes went a long way to helping us with our happy ending and I am so grateful to Trish for the support and advice she gave us.