Susan A.
Trish’s program is so easy and so effective. One thing for sure, it is in my life to stay. Before I was frustrated and my relationship with food was very negative. I was always comparing myself to others and feeling like I was not able to lose weight. Now I feel empowered and so happy that I have finally come to terms with this very important part of my life. The battle is over and done with. Today, I eat right, exercise and thus take care of myself as I have never ever have in my life. The most valuable thing is that I have learned to LOVE myself and to ACCEPT myself for who I am. I feel strong and beautiful and this feeling has made me a person that I love. The program also gave me so much energy from day 1. As an example, I am 61 and an avid power-walker. Recently over a 4 day period on 8 consecutive weeks, I walked the equivalent of 8 half marathons! Had I not changed the way I ate and lived according to this program, I never would have been able to accomplish this. Thank you, Trish for being kind, generous and always encouraging!