Self-Directed Online Courses

If you enjoy learning on your own time, The Better Body Blueprint (BBB) is available as a do-it-yourself online course. I give you the plan to follow and you build the life of your dreams.

This 7-module health program will provide you with the basics about good nutrition and creating optimal health, touching on such topics as:

  • Mindset for Victory.
  • Macronutrients and Their Specific Role Nourishing Your Body.
  • The 3 Lifestyle S’s That Can Make A Radical Difference to Your Health.
  • Lowering Your Risk for the 5 Most Common Diseases Through Better Nutrition.
  • Creating Your Compass for Sustainable Success.

Short videos, exercises, tools and resource materials to cover these topics and more are included in this course. And participants get access to a private Facebook community for added support and help.

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I have thrown money at my health in the past on gimmicks and diet stuff and this was a much better investment. I found it very rewarding for me to set aside one night as ‘my night’ and just focus on the course materials. I had never done anything like that before and I realized that if you make the time, it can happen.  And I love love love the Facebook community.

Sandra S.  
Sandra S.