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Green Smoothie Soup to the Rescue!

Recently I wrote about detoxing and cleansing and whether there was validity in doing that to rid the body of toxins.  You can catch that info here if you are interested. There’s another way to help your digestive system ‘rest’ and ‘reset’ when...

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Hydration Stagnation? I’ve got your Fix!

I feel like this has been THE rainiest, wettest spring ever!  Will April showers really bring May flowers?  If we can believe that childhood rhyme, then we should be big time in bloom very shortly – at least where I live. Water – whether from...

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Safe or silly: should you do a spring cleanse or detox?

Happy Spring!  I’m hopeful – ever hopeful – that it’s actually coming.   On paper, Spring has sprung about a month ago but the weather where I live anyway has been a little wonky (actually, a LOT wonky!) and it just didn’t seem like it wanted...

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Ever had a proper coffee in a copper coffee cup?

Phew.  Try that tongue twister 3 times fast! AProperCoffeeInACopperCoffeeCup. AProperCoffeeInACopperCoffeeCup. AProperCoffeeInACopperCoffeeCup. And then try it after the caffeine kicks in from a cuppa Joe (or two)! If you’re wondering just how...

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‘Nacho’ Olde Fashioned St. Paddy’s Treats

Just so you know, I’ve been accused of being too punny sometimes.  (‘Nacho – not your – get it?? LOL! ) I definitely could’ve made a couple of puns about “going green for St. Patrick’s Day” and loaded you up with a few recipes for making veggie...

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Happy (Early) Pancake Tuesday!

Boy, do I have something special for you today.  I thought I’d throw it out into the webisphere early so you have time to prepare for Pancake Tuesday.  Contrary to popular belief, nutritionists also like to have fun and celebrate along with...

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Facts about Fat – Heart Health Edition

Monounsaturated Fats.  Polyunsaturated Fats.  Saturated Fats.  Good Fats.  Bad Fats.  Omega 3 Fats.  Omega 6 Fats.  Omega 9 Fats.  Trans Fats.  Hydrogenated Fats. Skim any shelf at the grocery store and you’re bombarded with fat labelling and...

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Can heart health and chocolate co-exist?

Happy February!  So much to acknowledge this month.  And most of it is focused on the heart.  First up: February is considered to be Heart Health Month.  And there’s lots to focus on when it comes to cardiovascular health, especially for...

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Canada’s new Dietary Guidelines: friend or foe?

(FAIR WARNING….. this is a longer post…. ‘cause there’s plenty to say!) “So……what do you think?”    As soon as the newest iteration of Canada’s Dietary Guidelines (CDG) was released, I was bombarded with this breathless query.    Not...

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