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Are you spinning on your HPA axis?

When it comes to talking about and understanding how the body works, sometimes using a simple analogy can help.  This is especially true when we look at the intricate choreography of hormones.    Let’s try this to get a handle on our subject of the day – H is for the...

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G is for Goitrogens

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Basal Temperature Tracking to assess thyroid function - if you would like a refresher (or learn what it is and how it relates to hormone health), check it out here.  I highly recommend it - not because I’m in the habit of...

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The Fantabulous Five F’s of Healthy Hormones

So, we’re going through the ABC’s of Healthy Hormones and well, it seems I got a tad carried away with “F”…We have a whopping four of them as well as an ‘F’ recipe, so I’m counting it as five! Today, we’re talkin’ Fibre, Fluids, Ferments, Fitness and for fun (see how...

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What happens when estrogen dominates your hormonal health?

It takes two to tango as they say and that’s really the story of estrogen and progesterone – two important hormones that work in balance and are part of the delicate dance of fertility, perimenopause, healthy libido and general vitality.  And yes, men, listen up: you...

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Diabetes: the not-so-hidden epidemic

Hope you’re having fun going through the ABC’s of Healthy Hormones with me.  This little mini-series seems to be flying by waaaaaayyyy faster than I had planned for!  *Deep breaths, Trish, deep breaths.* Although it was tempting (so tempting) to do ‘D is for Deep...

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Let’s talk about Stress, baby. Let’s talk about You and Me.

Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be... Oh.  You’re telling me that’s not how the song goes?  Well, since I lead with the catchy tune, I can’t not talk about it now.  So today, we’re covering stress (baby) - with most of the focus on our...

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Basal Temperature Tracking for a Healthy Thyroid

Well, it’s instalment #2 in The ABCs of Healthy Hormones and you know what that means:  B is for…… blood sugar.  Well, sort of, anyway.  I have covered this topic a couple of times so I invite you to revisit both my posts, How to Keep Blood Sugar Stable and Sugar, ah...

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A is for Adrenal (fatigue?)

Does this sound familiar: you’re not feeling yourself and you can’t put your finger on quite what the issue is. Wired, but tired?  Exhausted even after a night’s sleep?  Craving sugar? Craving salt? Irritated and overwhelmed at the same time? Foggy brain? Unusually...

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Sugar, ah honey honey…You are NOT my candy girl

LOL – remember the Archies and their big pop hit from (gulp!!) 50 years ago!!??  Sugar seemed so fun back then, didn’t it? Quick – test yourself - in one minute, how many different sweeteners (artificial or natural) can you list off the top of your head?  I’ll help...

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When life gives you lemons…..

After making it through one of the iciest winters I can ever remember without landing on my butt even once (thank you Yak Trax!) – a beautiful walk on a warm May afternoon ended up with this: BUMMER!!  Dog walk + long grass + hidden hole = snap! I’ve got a fractured...

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