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How to Build a Heart-Healthy Diet

I asked my sidekick and Community Manager Judy (who is also trained in both nutrition and yoga, along with being a great connector) if she could gather some info about how to start building a heart-healthy diet. Here’s what she came up with.  Pretty clever – and full...

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Making Memories from Mistakes

I made a cake this weekend for friends. This is super unusual for a few reasons. First – it’s been 23 months of pandemic lockdown and distancing and no socializing – I mean real socializing, where people sit at a table together and eat, drink, laugh and share memories...

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Men are from Mars and well, women aren’t.

Catching some of the 2022 Olympic telecasts this week has me thinking about Canadian figure skating champion, Joannie Rochette.  Remember her?  Back in 2010, just two days before she was to compete, Joannie experienced the death of her mother.  Thérèse Rochette was...

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Does every re-start have to feel like Groundhog Day?

After having survived almost 23 months of pandemic living, full of starts and stops, openings and closings, fear and hope, it’s near impossible not to look back on this time as one big mother of a Groundhog Day. Remember that movie back in 1993 with the sardonic Bill...

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S is for Slumber Party! (Part 2)

Once I start writing about sleep, I can’t stop.  It’s just such a critical part of health that the more I delve into things, the more I learn and yet, the less I feel I know.   Tuning in to your own body, your own circadian rhythm, your own needs can take time.  But...

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S is for….Slumber Party! (Part 1)

If I’m honest, these days I’m more about the slumber than the party. Especially if said slumber begins before 10 PM.   Seems a much better alternative than staying up ‘til all hours like they do in the movies. You know, all those young women...

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R is for Rest, Resilience, Re-set

“The most valuable thing we can do for the psyche, occasionally, is to let it rest, wander, live in the changing light of room, not try to be or do anything whatever.” ― May Sarton And this is what I have been working on.  Finding rest....

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Quarantini, anyone?

Sales are up.  Reported consumption is up.  Stress levels are up.  Loneliness is up.  Boredom is up.  Therefore, are occasions that call for a drink up as well? All signs point to YEP for the above.  And when you add to that - within this pandemic...

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