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The Ketogenic Kraze

The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, very high-fat diet and very, very trendy right now.  And possibly for good reason.  At first glance, it’s led to some dramatic weight loss stories - not just from word of mouth, but also backed by some...

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Just Junk the Junk!

Smoking is declining – thank goodness!  In 1965, 49% of Canadians over the age of 15 smoked daily.   Since the 1970s when a concentrated push toward anti-smoking campaigns and government interventions in the tobacco industry began, the decline...

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Irritated by Inflammation?

We’re onto week 9 of our Healthy Hormones Series!  Here is a quick summary of what we’ve covered already (and if you want to catch up, go ahead and follow the links): A for Adrenal (Fatigue) B for Basal Body Temperature Tracking C for...

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Are you spinning on your HPA axis?

When it comes to talking about and understanding how the body works, sometimes using a simple analogy can help.  This is especially true when we look at the intricate choreography of hormones.    Let’s try this to get a handle on our subject of...

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G is for Goitrogens

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Basal Temperature Tracking to assess thyroid function - if you would like a refresher (or learn what it is and how it relates to hormone health), check it out here.  I highly recommend it - not because I’m in the...

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The Fantabulous Five F’s of Healthy Hormones

So, we’re going through the ABC’s of Healthy Hormones and well, it seems I got a tad carried away with “F”…We have a whopping four of them as well as an ‘F’ recipe, so I’m counting it as five! Today, we’re talkin’ Fibre, Fluids, Ferments,...

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Diabetes: the not-so-hidden epidemic

Hope you’re having fun going through the ABC’s of Healthy Hormones with me.  This little mini-series seems to be flying by waaaaaayyyy faster than I had planned for! *Deep breaths, Trish, deep breaths.*Although it was tempting (so tempting) to do ‘D is for...

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Basal Temperature Tracking for a Healthy Thyroid

Well, it’s instalment #2 in The ABCs of Healthy Hormones and you know what that means:  B is for…… blood sugar.  Well, sort of, anyway.  I have covered this topic a couple of times so I invite you to revisit both my posts, How to Keep Blood...

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