Recently I came across a recipe for Unicorn Poop Cookies. So pretty, so sparkly, so thought-provoking.  Do you think if everyone’s “number 2” looked as delightful as unicorn poop we’d spend more time discussing it and doing all the right things to ensure our droppings remained as beautiful?

I know it’s not everyone’s favourite subject, but what comes out is directly related to what goes in. To be healthy, you need to be aware of both ends of the spectrum, so to speak.

Poop can reveal signs of infection, parasitic action, allergies, digestive difficulties, and even early signs of cancer or other chronic diseases. The colour, shape, size, consistency, frequency, floatability, and yes, the smell are all clues as to whether the food you eat is being properly absorbed for use by your body or if something is not working properly.

I’ve been asked “Trish, what is the perfect poop? What should I be striving for?” Just like snowflakes, all poops are different and miraculous. But the Bristol Stool Chart, created by gastroenterologists at the University of Bristol, UK, is a good way to start gauging what is going on. You really want to score a Type 4 as the first three show signs of constipation and the last three are headed to Diarrhea-ville.

So how do you ensure that your poop reflects a healthy digestive system?

It definitely starts with a whole foods, high fibre, well-hydrated daily diet. We are going to revisit the subject of digestion a lot here at Bite out of Life because poor digestion sets you up for many diseases and health conditions including: allergies, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, migraines, schizophrenia, and colorectal cancer to name just a few.

Seriously, the next time you visit the loo, take a peek at your poo. It can be very revealing. If you don’t like what you see, call me. Especially if it’s sparkly…