Good health is a gift – but one you give yourself. Sure, some people have genetic issues that may predispose them to one particular health condition or another. But by and large, each of us holds our own health destiny in our own hands.

Despite what the traditional medical system may tell you – another pharmaceutical or the newest in expensive technology is not the magic solution to getting you healthy.

Taking charge of your life – really taking a big juicy bite out of it and making YOU your priority – can go a long way to supporting your body, your mind and your spirit so that it can heal. Couple that with the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time and a healthy and beautiful life is within your grasp!

Thanks to many inspiring people who’ve taken me aside or shared their wisdom and insights or pointed me in new directions, I’ve learned a lot about what contributes to good health. And what can get in the way. There’s a lot of things – big and small. I’ve boiled it down to these ABC’s which I’ll explore in more detail later.

If you agree or disagree, or want to share your own view of what makes for a healthy life, world, mindset……I’m all ears!

Trish’s ABC’s of Good Health
Accept help to change.
Breathe deeply and with intention.
Colour on your plate = colour in your life.
Digestion – do you know the secrets?
Eat real food – your body will respond.
Farmers are your friends.
Greens! Dark, leafy, crunchy, slurpy, yummy!
Holistically ever after – live a life of harmony.
Inflammation is the root of most illness. Fight the fire!
Juicing is nature’s fast food.
Kick fried, fake, fatty, flavourless foods out of your life for good.
Laugh! Love! Linger! Leap of faith! Sometimes you just have to do it.
More is not a four letter word (OK it is, but in a good way!)
Nature gives us what we need. Just ask.
Optimism is the driving force behind positive change.
Poo. Everybody does it.  How come nobody talks about it?
Quit searching for miracles. You are your own miracle.
Reinvention is possible at any age or stage of life.
Stress may affect you but it doesn’t have to define you.
Toxins come in many forms – banish them all!
Unless you are a camel, drinking water is non-negotiable.
Vegetarian? Vegan? OmniVorous? Versatility rocks when it comes to nutrition.
Weighty issues – it’s not about the scale. What is really weighing you down?
X-ray vision? What are you using to imagine your future?
You owe it to yourself to keep an open mind and an open heart.
Zzzzzzzzzz – never underestimate the restorative power of sleep.